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Children of a local family sought to renovate this chapel as a gift in memory of their parents. Their objective was to bring this dormant, unused building back to life. The chapel, built in 1905, had not been used for nearly thirty years and was occupied only by birds and other wildlife that found refuge through the broken stained glass windows.

The exterior stone was cleaned and restored. The stained glass was restored, rebuilt and protective glazing was added to the exterior. A landscaped entry plaza was added which provided handicapped accessibility to the facility and an outside space for people to gather before and after services.

Design of the floor plan and interior layout was to provide flexibility for various worship and secular functions. This goal was achieved by utilizing custom designed movable pews and liturgical furnishings. The chapel’s interior features painted wood paneling, newly restored stained glass windows, and a new ceramic floor in a checkered pattern all in keeping with the chapel’s original architectural style.

The chapel is now “alive” at the cemetery after 30 years of abandonment and is used for Bible studies, string quartet concerts, weddings, and memorial services.